February 2018

Ingmar Bergman’s legacy lives on in modern Uppsala

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In 1918 that great poet of Nordic cinema, Ingmar Bergman, was born in Uppsala. Very appropriately, it is a city which both celebrates the art of the cinema and is celebrated in Swedish film. Many film enthusiasts, not least the many directors he has influenced, have paid a visit to Sweden in honor of the maestro. Bergman spent much of his childhood in Uppsala and one of his most popular films, Fanny and Alexander, was filmed on location in the city and was based on his own memories. It was here that his lifelong love affair with the silver screen began. For the infant Ingmar, one of the highlights of the week [...]

February 2017

On the trail of the Vikings in Gamla Uppsala

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It is only a short bus ride from the town center to Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) but it is a journey that will take you far, far back in time. Set in the tranquillity of the glorious Uppland countryside, there is an almost magic atmosphere here at the Mounds of the Kings. Strolling round the site, one can sense the presence of the ancient warriors who once lived here. It is one of the most intriguing, atmospheric Viking sites in Scandinavia. The site dates back at least to the Bronze Age, perhaps even to the Stone Age. Around the Vendel period (550 AD), Old Uppsala was already an important economic, religious and [...]

Linnaeus: The 18th century superstar who put Sweden on the map

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The great botanist, Carl Linnaeus, is to Uppsala what Mozart is to Salzburg or Shakespeare is to Stratford-on-Avon. Take a day trip from Stockholm and walk in the footsteps of this fascinating Scandinavian, scientific genius. Every year many tourists, both scientists and laymen, come here to pay tribute to the lad from a humble family Småland who went on to become a great superstar of 18th century science. After studying medicine in the Netherlands, Linnaeus eventually became a professor at Uppsala University and it is here that he did the work which laid the foundation for modern taxonomy. The summer, when the flowers are in bloom, is the time to come. Not [...]

Elegant riverside dining – a foodie holiday treat

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Uppsala is one of the top five destinations in Sweden for eating out. And nothing enhances a good meal like a beautiful view. So while you are on your Scandinavian vacation here, why not treat yourself to a meal at one of these delightful riverside restaurants? Åkanten Just below the Cathedral is this classic establishment. In addition to excellent food and drink, its picturesque riverside terrace is a perennial favorite. In the evenings, it is a peaceful joy to sit here and watch the Fyris flow slowly by. Address: S:t Erikstorg Tzatziki In the cellar of Gillbergska garden, just below the riverbanks, is this Greek restaurant, which also boasts Uppsala’s perhaps best [...]

Uppsala – a must visit city for bike enthusiasts and strollers

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One very good reason for visiting Uppsala while on vacation in Stockholm, Sweden, is that it is so easy and enjoyable to get from A to B in this popular destination. Whether you decide take a gentle stroll, hop on a bike like the university students or try the local bus service, you can be sure of a memorable day. This ancient city is very compact and has many unique sights. No traffic jams or overcrowded Metro trains. Getting around here is a sheer delight. Walking in the city Uppsala is a brilliant city to walk in, there is rarely anything that is more than a fifteen-minute walk away. A day trip [...]

Shopping in one of Sweden’s most fashion conscious cities

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Swedes are stylish dressers and nowhere is this more apparent than in Uppsala. It’s a city of contrasts where formal academic traditions meet the latest urban trends. Elegant, stylish, fashion-conscious: the citizens of Uppsala have a passion for fashion and enjoy getting dressed up in their finest attire. And with academic dinners, balls, gigs, cocktail parties, a carnival, outdoor concerts and much else, there is no shortage of opportunities to do so. With the mixture of large malls and smaller, more idiosyncratic boutiques shopping for clothes here is a delight. And not only clothes. If you enjoy finding beautiful objects to adorn your home, a shopping ramble in Uppsala will be a [...]

Welcoming the spring with wacky rafts and student choirs

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The city might be old, dating back to the 3rd century by some accounts, but it most certainly isn’t old-fashioned. While on vacation in Sweden, make sure you enjoy a daytrip to this fascinating, lively city. Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and is the Nordic countries’ oldest center of higher education. It’s Sweden’s answer to Oxford, Cambridge or the Sorbonne and has the same vivacious atmosphere. There are students everywhere and a buzz in the air, typical of a bustling, vibrant, highly inventive university city If you ever get the chance, you should come to Uppsala on the last day of April. It is the celebration of Valborg (Walpurgis), the welcoming [...]

January 2015

Historical sights beyond Stockholm

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Uppsala is one of Scandinavia’s most ancient cities and a good deal older than the country it is now part of. The capital is a wet-behind-the ears-upstart by comparison! Dating back to the Viking era and probably earlier, this is a place with roots deep in the past. It is without doubt one of the top five destinations in Sweden for travelers interested in history. Long before there was a country called Sweden, Svea’s kings reigned in Old Uppsala. It is from that ancient dynasty we get the prefix ”sve” for Sweden. So when you come here, you are also coming to the country’s beginning. Through the centuries, the city has [...]